Sim city casino guide

sim city casino guide

Check out the Daily Fix for more SimCity! How to specialize in gambling -- which may not. Gambling - SimCity: The gambling specialization is the easiest specialization to start. It has a small physical footprint compared to the others. Learn the ins and outs of SimCity Casinos and Tourism in this " SimCity Casino and Tourism Guide ".

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Sim city casino guide 517
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Sim city casino guide - example

The only way to possibly run this casino is to attract an insane amount of wealthy tourists. Therefore, your gambling city's plans need to start before even plopping your first gambling house. I think I could even answer this, low wealth buildings hold more people than medium wealth and high wealth buildings, by increasing land value you get higher wealth people but the population drops because the same space now holds less people, I guess they figure higher wealth people need more space to live. I'm not sure if it's because there's fewer residents or if it handles the calculations differently, but the times I used megatowers the PC ran smoothly with no slow down. I also have an airport about 1 block away. I've never seen any benefit in clicking that, aside from in multiplayer it shows everyone else in your region what you are specializing in. sim city casino guide


SimCity casino-tourism tutorial part 1

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